Genoa City Police

Tips to prevent your house from being targeted

The most important thing you can do is call the Police to report any crime or suspicious activity. Always remember that you can remain anonymous when reporting.

  • Make your home look as if it is occupied by leaving lights on or even a televison.
  • Lock all doors and windows even if your only going to be gone for a short time.
  • Arrange for your lawn to be mowed, driveway/sidewalk shoveled, and newspapers to be collected. These are common signs criminals look for as easy opportunities.

  • Have trusted neighbors/friends/family to check on your house periodically.
  • If your going to be gone for a significant time, you may want to consider informing your local police department and filling out a request for extra patrol.
  • Criminals knock on their target home to tell if the home is occupied or not. If the someone is home, they will likely tell you they have the wrong house or ask for a ficticious person.
  • The unfortunate chance a burglar does gain access to your house, its important to keep your valuables in less obvious spots.
  • Use effective exterior lighting surrounding your residence or expecially in vulnerable access points.
  • If possible purchase a alarm and or a security system with cameras and DVR.